Writing this post from New York day 1…….

What a view !

Myself and my girlfriend Celia have set up shop at The Benjamin Hotel for four days. The photo above is the great view we have from our hotel balcony looking downtown. Celia brings a womens touch when setting up the suite with flowers and draping her handmade scarves over the sofa and chairs. We arrived last night and found the weather and the City just perfect. We have been meeting with a few clients this morning and have more this afternoon but I managed to find time to see the last 15 minutes of the North London football derby between my team Tottenham and Arsenal I was so happy to see the Spurs win 2-1. Come on you lillywhites!! I am now back in the hotel waiting on some more clients to drop by. We are both looking forward to this evening because we are off to the famous Peter Luger Steak House which I have been trying to book for some time it seems very very popular, and so hard to get into.


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