Hitchcock Heritage

September 2019
chiltern street savile row

Steven Hitchcock Bespoke moved to 58 Chiltern street. Steven was offered the whole basement, including a private workroom for his coat makers. Steven could not refuse the offer to be located in the fabulous Chiltern street, which is lined with small independent retailers, much how Savile Row used to be when Steven was an apprentice.

November 2018
Prince of wales Steven Hitchcock

Vicuna overcoat for HRH The Prince of Wales, this time a single-breasted overcoat with a guards back which was commissioned for his 70th Birthday.

May 2013

On the 1st of May 2013 we moved just a stones throw from my previous location here in Mayfair next door to the famous Sotheby’s auction house. It would allow myself and Celia to work together and ensure that the soft tailoring craftsmanship is in safe hands, after my Father John Hitchcock retired from the trade in August 2014.

January 2009

My business continued to grow and in Jan 2009 I was given the chance to move back to The Row, and it was an offer that I could not refuse. After all the years it felt like I had returned home. I worked from number 13 Savile Row which afforded me more opportunity to attend to my clients needs.

September 2003

Due to the redevelopment of Savile Row, I moved from 11 Old Burlington Street  to 13 New Burlington Street, where I shared the premises with Denman and Goddard.

October 2002

My first visit to the US as my own brand, it’s lovely that many of those clients still see me today.

October 2001

I had the honor of making this overcoat for HRH Prince of Wales, it’s lovely to see he is still wearing it today.

September 1999

At the age of 24 I decided to start my own tailoring business. I took a sitting within James and James, 11 Old Burlington Street. I spent 4 years in these fabulous old premises, after making bespoke suits and a topcoat for H.R.H. The Prince of Wales and appearing in the Financial Times and the Independent newspapers with glowing reviews, which firmly establish my bespoke tailoring business. I also started my business trips to New York and I still have many of my clients from those first trips, whom I now count as friends.

September 1997

This is a picture of me in one of the fitting rooms at the original Anderson and Sheppard premises at 30 Savile Row. I was trying on The Prince of Wales, Norfolk jacket. My father asked me to try on the jacket as I had a similar slim figure to the Prince at that time. My father just wanted to make sure it came up to his measurements. I was 21 years old at the time and I was the under cutter to Mr Pitt. I went on to learn under my Father John Hitchcock.

September 1990

Here I am starting out on my tailoring journey in the year 1990 as a coat maker apprentice at Anderson and Sheppard. You will note that I have already adopted the classic position of sitting on the board whilst working. This picture was taken by a trade magazine and was my first experience of appearing in print.

September 1963

My Father, John Hitchcock started working for Anderson and Sheppard one of the world’s most iconic tailoring firms, when he was 16 years old. That is the same age as when I started working for Anderson and Sheppard in 1990. My father worked for Anderson and Sheppard for 52 years before retiring in August 2014. I can think of no other tailor in any other Savile Row company that has loyally worked for the same firm for as long as he did.