It’s easy to make a coat with shape if you don’t care about comfort and softness. And it’s easy to make a soft coat if you don’t care about shape. The ideal is to do both! Steven Hitchcock is in that great tradition of Savile Row bespoke tailors who are able to accomplish this ideal. Eminently comfortable, and with style. This soft construction is the most difficult of tailoring skills in my opinion, but Mr. Hitchcock does it with great aplomb and finesse. Without overstating it, Steven Hitchcock is a master of the art.

G. Bruce Boyer

Steven Hitchcock is the proof that custom tailoring is still available in its best form.

Steven himself benefits from the skills of his father, Managing Director of Anderson and Sheppard, and he is trained in every part of the business. He can cut, he can make and he styles beautifully. His basic look, soft, a bit wider shoulder, and draped is very distinctive. It’s also perfect for American men who are often fit and like to show off those hours in the gym. His prices are reasonable, his girlfriend is adorable and he is immensely charming and fun to see. His customers often know each other and take pleasure in that clubby feeling.

He is just terrific in every way and when I put his suits on I know that no one can do it better.

Edward W. Hayes


Having a bespoke Savile Row tailor made suit is a great experience, and one that is enhanced by Steven’s knowledge experience and his easy manner. I am always impressed with his attention to detail and his willingness to accommodate my busy schedule. He is a pleasure to work with.

Jason Atherton

Steven Hitchcock has been my bespoke tailor for a number of years. He is, to the best of my knowledge, the latest and last Savile Row Master tailor, apprenticed and trained as both cutter and tailor – first of all because I like the soft tailoring and quality of the Anderson & Sheppard style, secondly I believe it is easier to get one’s ideas come true with a younger and very likeable person, such as Steven, thirdly I have no need to pay the huge overheads generated by a corporate company. Hitchcock uses the same highly skilled tailors, finishers, pressers etc. – the cut and quality is always impeccable. Hitchcock is very patient with my strange demands for lots of secret pockets for my magic requirements & other idiosyncrasies!

If one is a novice bespoke client, you will be in the very best hands and Steven’s advice will be sound,
experienced and taking the client’s needs into consideration. If one is an experienced bespoke client, the rapport with Steven Hitchcock is highly interesting, professionally challenging and results in unique clothing often in world renown and much discussion among knowledgeable “sartorialists” world wide -I’m certainly not alone when I consider Steven Hitchcock as one of the finest genuine Savile Row Tailors around.


Entering the tailoring trade aged 16, Steven Hitchcock had the great good fortune to be trained up by his father — iconic ex-Anderson & Sheppard managing director and head cutter John Hitchcock, holder of a Royal Warrant as tailor to Prince Charles, and master of the soft-tailored ‘drape’ style of suiting innovated by the legendary Frederick Scholte in the years following World War I.

With the elder Mr. Hitchcock having recently retired, Steven is now considered by many to be the premier practitioner of soft tailoring operating in Mayfair. Devoted customers — including previous Menswear 10 Commandments subjects Bruce Boyer and Andrew Seibert — flock to Steven’s 11 St George St atelier to bespeak suiting that’s both sharp as a tack, and comfortable as a set of pyjamas.

“Christian Barker”