Wool week here on the Row…………….

Its wool week here in Savile Row starting today and we have sheep running the length of the Row. Its been a great day so far meeting clients and other tailors outside in the street. The sun has also come out to really make this a great fun day. It is now 2pm and I am having my sandwich for lunch so I thought I would take this moment to show you all more photos of this great day. Its a bit of a family affair as my Mother is here helping out Anderson and Shepard and also of course my father John Hitchcock (M.D. of Anderson & Shepard tailors) who made this great suit which the shepard is wearing. So, it's a suit from one kind of shepard to another. There are rumours that H.R.H The Prince of Wales may turn up later as he is backing the wool week here on the Row. If he does I will be looking to see if he is wearing one of the suits that I have made for him. 

 I have also heard that all the tailors are going to meet in the watering hole The Burlington Bertie after work this evening, so I will be heading in that direction myself.

I will post more pictures here later if I get the change to take any more.

The sheep made it on to the B.B.C. news. View video here.


   Steven Hitchcock Wool Week Wool week in Savile Row 


Me and my Mother

 My Father and the Shepard


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