When is a Scooter Driver a Savile Row Tailor…………….


And just driving through Savile Row does not count in my book.  There was a very interesting article in the Metro recently regarding Savile Row and its’ tradition and how a company has launched a scooter bespoke service, whereby you telephone them, they turn up and measure you and a suit is then made.  I did some research and was unable to establish any connection whatsoever to Savile Row, so if you are ever tempted to use the scooter service make sure you get the right number or you may end up with a Pizza!!

Before I wake up and smell the petrol, I would just like to share a few of my own thoughts on what makes a true bespoke Savile Row Tailor.

1.I would expect a Savile Row Bespoke Tailor to have served his/her apprenticeship in or around Savile Row with an old established firm (The Golden mile) and no further!

2.They must be a pattern cutter and they must be trained to the highest level. This is the person you should be speaking to.

3.To make the suit by hand using fully trained craftsmen in England and not made in a factory on a production line.

4.The cloth and trimming used should be of the very highest quality and a full range from all the cloth houses.

5.There must be at least 2 fittings for every suit.

6.To have a House Style that you believe in which makes the workmanship unique, not just a well tailored suit that looks like all the rest, the style is in the tailor and cutters eye’s. Some clients will follow their cutter to and from difference firms just for this!

7.I would stay away from tailoring firms that try and sell you shoes, shirts and anything they can pass off on to you. Remember you are there for the best suit you can find, nothing else. A ‘Jack of all trades’ is not a good recipe for a Bespoke Suit.

8.Look at the price and if it seems too good to be true, it usually is. I am able to keep my prices so competitive as I cut the suits myself and don’t employ a sales and PR team.  

You may have gathered that I feel very passionate about this subject, but having served nearly a decade at the famous Anderson & Sheppard learning my trade, and spent the last 10 years building up my business, I think I should be allowed to vent my feelings on a Friday afternoon.

If all this talk has made you crave for a pizza, I am sure that unlike a Genuine Savile Row Bespoke Suit, it will be ready in 20 minutes.




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