What is in a Label……………….

…………………Labels mean different things to different people and although I can understand how teenagers in particular have to have a well known trendy label in order to ‘belong’, I personally think it should come with a statement as to what it really means.   Vivienne Westwood to me means individual, risky, pushing boundaries and desirable. Dr Martins boots make me think about tough, reliable, comfortable and the film Clockwork Orange. Rolls Royce to me is quality, reliability, British and an exceptional workforce. I am sure the incident earlier this year with the A380 was just a blip, but it does show how one incident can cause a company so much pain and they are obviously striving to make sure their reputation is not tarnished. 

Many teenagers would rather have the label emblazoned across the front of their garment, thereby letting everyone know that they are wearing a particular brand, and I would think a certain amount of the desirability is the result of clever marketing. Some of the jeans brands have been around for years and there was a time when designer jeans and their high prices became very popular, but those old companies have carried on, because ultimately, they were popular because of their high quality, and this has not changed. 

My Steven Hitchcock label is discretely sewn on the inside of the jacket and is my guarantee of craftsmanship and quality.  During the initial consultation with the client I ensure that I understand his needs and expectations.  I am there to give suggestions regarding cloths and explain the concept of soft tailoring.  I personally take the measurements and by taking notes, am able to cut the paper pattern to take into account the clients individual ‘stance’. Once I have cut the cloth I give it to my experienced coat makers, whom I have used for years, and have built great working relationships with, and they know the high standards that I demand.  I oversee every stage of the process, and as during nearly a decade at Anderson and Sheppard I learnt every aspect of tailoring including making jackets, I understand what makes a great jacket. I like to think that my pride and passion can be seen all over the suit and the label inside merely confirms this. 

My Steven Hitchcock label is me, and represents everything I care about.


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