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Recently, a friend of mine announced that she was engaged, naturally I am over the moon that the chap she has followed around the world has done the honourable thing and asked for her hand……and the rest of her too. My other natural instinct is to ponder what ‘groom to be’ will be wearing. This is just how my brain works. I’m not thinking about white dresses, colour themes or flower arrangements. I’m thinking, how are we going to smarten up this guy? How are we going to make him feel more fabulous than the bride, without the bride realising??

It just so happens that Steven and I have had a fair amount of practice when it comes to making wedding suits and styling. As a starting point I often suggest cloths that the groom would not normally wear. I find this helps to set the tone, that the groom is not just wearing a new version of a suit that he would wear to work. The second option that I suggest is to opt for a lighter or brighter shade of blue or grey suiting, that the groom would not normally go for in a day to day suit. Sometimes tweeds are often asked for, and this is a play ground of fun! I like to find out what sort of wedding the couple are having and where they are having it. I ask this because someone might have their heart set on tweed, but might also be getting married in high summer in the Mediterranean. So, being realistic and practical is the first port of call!

A lot of ‘grooms to be’ like to stress that they want to wear the suit after they are married. Usually they want to wear their wedding suits for party invites, dinner with friends and to other peoples weddings. Lets face it, it would be frowned upon if your new wife turned up to a friends garden party wearing her wedding dress! I have yet to see this happen, but live in hope!! The idea of wearing the wedding suit after being wed, is a great and practical idea. Why not? For every time you wear it you will have the nervous excited memory of that wonderful day.

Rather than me explain to you what you should wear to your wedding day, just take a look at these photos and you should get a general feel for the idea of what previous clients have worn. All are different and all look fantastic. So, if you are getting married, don’t hesitate to book an appointment to bounce a few ideas…..or to be told how to dress from head to toe!

Electric blue double breasted wedding suit.

Cream wedding suit. Steven Hitchcock Bespoke

Steven Hitchcock wedding suit.

High arm hole.

Steven Hitchcock Bespoke wedding suit.

Steven Hitchcock bespoke wedding suit.

For a bit more inspiration for your own wedding take a look at the Rock My Wedding blog.

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