Wedding Suits………….

White 7 oz Scabal formal wear

Some tailors will not make them, ‘the white suit’. Above is a white dinner jacket that I was commissioned to make for one of my client’s for his wedding day. The coat and trouser makers always take special care when making lighter coloured cloths but seem to prick themself with the needle more often. If the worst happens and they get a little blood on the cloth, the tailor would chew on some of his basting cotton and then place  this firmly on the spot of blood, and the tailors but no one else’s saliva will remove the stain.

I also made an unusual vest to wear with it, which is a double breasted with a shawl collar but has a pointed front. I really am a fan of this style vest. As you can see the vest and coat facing are from the same silk.

My client will be wearing the grey suit below during his wedding day, this suit has upside down pockets including the out breast and both the flower and button hole’s are all sewn in the same coulor as the strip, purple.


Facing same silk as Vest


White silk D.B Shall collar Dress Vest with pointed fronts


Scabal 7 oz Light weight cloth 

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