Water water every where, Drama in the shop……..

On arriving to the shop on Tuesday after the bank holiday weekend. I was horrified to see the shop had been flooded. The water was still coming through the ceiling, all over my cutting board ,and all over the floor even going straight through to the basement beneath me. This has caused me complete chaos to the start of my week. Both the carpet and the force ceiling have now been removed. The shop has lots of workmen within it trying very hard to get it back looking its best.

There where some suits that had been damaged by the water, but don’t worry if you have a suit going through with me at the moment. I have already informed all the clients who have been affected.

It will take around two weeks to get the shop back to normal. I would like you to know that I am still trading, my friends in Savile Row have been great letting me use there cutting boards and fitting rooms. A special thanks to Pat and Andy from Davies and Son I also found out that Burt makes the best tea on the row. If you are thinking of visit me in the next couple of weeks please call first for me to arrange a fitting room. 0207 287 2492. My computer did not stand up well to the water so I can not be contacted during the day by e-mail, at the moment. It will have to wait until I return home in the evening to my computer there. Sorry for this inconvenience, I am sure it will all come together very soon.

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