Watch out! The Savile Row invasion has begun!!

We have arrived in Manhattan, and our journey was as smooth as silk. We caught the earlier flight, and so avoiding the manic rush into Manhattan. Our usual mayhem of unpacking and organising our precious cargo was controlled and leisurely. This trip we have rather alot of fittings, more than usual!

Sunday is our luxury breakfast day. It is also our casual day, so what does one wear when off duty and looking for pancakes?

Steven is wearing a 1 button, single breasted sport coat. The cloth is a navy blue thorn proof tweed from Harrison’s of Edinburgh. The beauty in this cloth is that it has flecks of royal blue through out the weave. These flecks create interest and depth to the cloth, and feel at home with a pair of dark jeans. “Steven is not wearing a tie!” I hear you scream at the computer. Well, as I said it is a casual day. So to keep standards, he is still wearing a pocket square. It is made of finely woven cashmere, in a variety of muted blues in a floral print. The royal blue socks are just a cheeky play with colour, it is Sunday after all!

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