Steven Hitchcock in Chiltern street shop

Two Thousand Nine Hundred & Forty Seven…….

….and increasing by the day. This is the number of hits on YOUTUBE for the Fit Museum production of ‘Fashions in the 1930s’. It is such an informative piece, and what I really loved about it, was the way that the 2 Italian Tailors talked so fondly about their grandfathers and fathers who were at the forefront of tailoring in the 30s, and I am sure that this is why they are in the trade today. My father, John Hitchcock, has been an inspiration to me, and it is amazing that he has spent 52 years at Anderson and Sheppard, and when he retires I think he will be the last tailor to work for only one company for the whole of his career. The video can be seen here

If you are wondering why I am writing this post; it is due to Celia sunning herself in New Zealand, but the good news is that she will be back soon.

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