The process for ordering a bespoke suit from Steven Hitchcock

1.     First you would need to come to the shop, or abroad visit me in my hotel suite to choose your cloth. We have an endless amount of cloths for you to look through. You may need the suit for summer or winter or for three seasons; we have all these cloth available. You would also choose a body lining for the coat at this time.

2.     You now need to explain to me the style that you are after. One button single breasted jacket, straight round trousers, plain bottom, button fly, if you are after a lot or little shape in the coat waist, for example. Details that will make the suit a one off. I will also give you my advice on what I think looks best for your shape and build. There is quite a lot to discuss.


3. I will now take a full set of measurements. For the coat, trousers, overcoats and any other bespoke item you may order in the future. I will also look at your posture, and cut you a paper pattern, that I will keep on file.

    All my patterns are cut by eye, not from blocks patterns cut by someone else. I believe that this give so much more individual style.( un cloned)

4.     I will then make an appointment to try the garment on in around 10 days for the first fitting which will be a packet baste. I can then adjust any part of the garment. I also adjust your pattern to these requirements.

5.     Then we will have a second fitting (a forward) a week or two after that. We can still adjust most of the garment. Again I adjust the pattern.

6.     The garment will be then finished and tried on again to make sure that you are happy with the overall style and comfort. We then have the pattern perfect for future orders.

7.     You can now take your new Steven Hitchcock garment away with you or I could have it sent to your home or office. 


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