The Rake Photographs as promised

I have finally managed to find the time to scan in the photographs from last months Rake which showed off the Steven Hitchcock Bespoke suit that I made for Christian Barker who is the editor-in-chief of the magazine. I have not reproduced all the text but the following passage clearly illustrates my views.

‘After honing his skills at Anderson & Sheppard; 11 years ago, Steven struck out on his own and set about trading under his own name. One of the advantages, he says, of being a young tailor with a young business, is that when you bespeak a Steven Hitchcock suit, you actually get a suit made by Steven Hitchcock. “I’m alive, I’m still here. All these old firms, they may be a hundred years old, but the person who started that is dead; the person who cut that suit for Fred Astaire, he’s dead. These people are not around any more. Whereas, if you get a Steven Hitchcock suit, I’m gonna cut it. We’re here, we don’t look back – we’re looking forward’


The photographs –

Steven Hitchcock at work 
Picking the cloth 
Taking measurments 
Rake photos 
The finished suit 
The above picture shows my head coat maker, Tony, hard at work. He has been working for me exclusively for the 11 years that I have had my own business, and he even worked for me before then whilst we were at Anderson & Sheppard.


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