Style down the aisle…..

The decision to get married and then to propose, is nerve
wracking enough. Then to decide on what to wear on your wedding day!! Suit or
morning dress? Three piece or tweed? How to decide?

The best way to decide is to clarify what sort of wedding
you will be having. Is it so formal that guests are required to wear morning
dress? Is it set in the country, so that tweed would complement the surrounding
nature? Perhaps a town wedding, where a lounge suit would harmonise with the


 The colour of your wedding suit! This is down to you to
choose a colour that you feel comfortable wearing and that will compliment your
own colours. (Or, if you have complete trust in your tailor, leave it up to
them!) You don’t have to match with your bride or the bridesmaids. You can
leave that to the lining……… if the girls insist!!


 Bright blues and soft greys in a plain cloth, look great in
photographs. It is also kinder to yourself to choose plain cloth, as you will
find selecting a shirt and tie less taxing as the day nears.  Intricately striped and checked cloth makes an
interesting choice when seen up close. But please, do not pick too bold a
stripe or check. No wife to be wants to be upstaged on her wedding day!


Think about the style and cut. Ask your tailor what they
think would look good on you. (Apart from a Rottweiler!) Try also to be kind to
your tailor, and not dramatically lose 4 stone before your final fitting. Be
kind to yourself, and enjoy the experience of having a suit made just for your
wedding day.

Toodle pip!

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