Steven Hitchcock interview with Men’s Top Tens

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by my friend and blogger Christian Barker who runs

Men’s Top Tens compiles short, sharp, carefully curated and expertly selected Top 10 listings of anything from menswear to insightful advice.

On the blog I give my top ten philosophies I have to maintain impeccable appearance whilst attending to my clients.

Entering the tailoring trade aged 16, Steven Hitchcock had the great good fortune to be trained up by his father — iconic ex-Anderson & Sheppard managing director and head cutter John Hitchcock, holder of a Royal Warrant as tailor to Prince Charles, and master of the soft-tailored ‘drape’ style of suiting innovated by the legendary Frederick Scholte in the years following World War I.

With the elder Mr. Hitchcock having recently retired, Steven is now considered by many to be the premier practitioner of soft tailoring operating in Mayfair. Devoted customers — including previous Menswear 10 Commandments subjects Bruce Boyer and Andrew Seibert — flock to Steven’s 11 St George St atelier to bespeak suiting that’s both sharp as a tack, and comfortable as a set of pyjamas. (Pound for £, it’s also remarkably reasonably priced, we might add.)

Here are the philosophies that ensure Steven maintains an impeccable appearance while tending to his clients (a list that now includes the aforementioned Prince of Wales), and his craft.

10. “Have foresight, create your own style. Think for yourself and don’t look to other people to give you what you need or what you are searching for.”

9. “Play with colour. Experiment, it’s not something to be afraid of.”

8. “Invest in quality clothing, shoes and accessories. You don’t need 10 of anything, but if you have one or two well crafted and well made items, they will do you right.”

7. “Always have clean hair, clean face, clean nails and clean shoes!”

6. “Polish your shoes and press your trousers the night before you have to wear them.”

5. “I only wear clothes I enjoy wearing, otherwise it’s pointless.”

4. “Do simple things well and discipline yourself while doing the complicated things.”

3. “I don’t worry about ageing and how I’m changing. Accept that time is ever moving — and move along with it. Looking back into the past will only make you introspective about the future.”

2. “Be open in your thinking. I often ask my wife Celia her opinion on various subjects. It’s important to have a confidante who can challenge you as well as agree with you. Celia’s motto is, ‘We can do it the easy way or the hard way.’ I admire her for often taking the hard way, as I know that means she has dedication to see through my, her and our actions.”

1. “Be a gentleman.”

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Thanks for having me Christian.


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