Steven Hitchcock and I am Dandy Party……

Standing Dandy.
Standing Dandy.

Last night was the Steven Hitchcock shop warming and ‘I am Dandy’ book launch………….cold magnums of champagne, smart suits, loud jazz, bright accessories, groomed hair and charming personalities were the order of the night!

Steven’s customers of new and old were all turned out beautifully and were admired by the dandies, Rose Callahan was in photography heaven, Natty Adams was in writers heaven.

'Butler', Steven Hitchcock and John Hitchcock.
‘Butler’, Steven Hitchcock and John Hitchcock.

Steven and his father John Hitchcock were both on good form, and many people were astounded at how very similar they are. ‘Butler’ performed one of his tricks and made Rose Callahan scream……..she does not like spiders!!!


Natty Adams.

Natty Adams, the author and a dandy himself charmed his future readers and graciously signed some copies of the book with Rose, thus making these books very collectable!! If you would like to purchase one of these limited signed books please email £30, plus P&P.


Steven Hitchcock Dinner jacket.

Steven’s very own dinner suit in the shop window, greeting the party guests.

Toodle pip! Celia.




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