Steven Hitchcock Bespoke Tailor, 10th Anniversary September the 1st 2009

I am so proud to say that I have run my own bespoke tailoring business for the last ten years. Starting in 1999 from Old Burlington Street, working from the tailors James & James until today at 13 Savile Row.  I feel very proud to have made this 10 year land mark, selling only the finest bespoke hand-made suits, not falling into the easy trade of ready to wear suits, shirts and shoes as so many so called “Savile Row tailors” do today.

I believe over the twenty years I have been in the tailoring trade I have never stopped learning, or producing the very best truly bespoke clothes.

I will only make a limited amount of suits each week, which works out great for me and my craftsmen tailors. I do not have a PR team promoting me in magazines week in week out, just a web-blog and more importantly clients that re-order year after year.

A question I get asked an awful lot is, “do you feel that bespoke tailoring is a dying craft?”

My answer has always been the same, that is, clients will always wish for the best tailored suits so the pure Savile Row bespoke tailors will undoutley continue to thrive, I also believe we can already see a lot of independent firms starting up. Tailors that have put in the time to learn through traditional means, and the so called bigger firms selling more ready to wear clothes.(As their shop window displays will comfirm.) I do feel that the bigger firms will struggle to find the best cutters and tailors to work for them as more tailors are finding out for themselves you can control and achieve better results on your own. This will still be hard work as you need to do everything yourself, but in the long run as I have found, much more satisfying!


I’ve had a house tie made up in my colours to celebrate the ten years, I will be giving away a tie to everyone who places an order with me in September 2009. I will of course extend this offer to my American clients on my October visit to New York.

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