Steven Hitchcock Chiltern street shop

Steven Hitchcock Bespoke in Chiltern Street

Good news!… Steven Hitchcock Bespoke, has moved from Savile Row to 58 Chiltern Street.

Chiltern Street.

I am pleased to announce that I have taken the chance to acquire a chic little shop in the beautiful London village of Marylebone. We have an attractive spot on the independent retailer lined, Chiltern Street. The new shop is flanked by charming, exclusive and independent shops, just like how I remember Savile Row used to be when I was an apprentice.

Since starting Steven Hitchcock Bespoke in 1999, I have always shared a shop with more than two other bespoke tailors. This was due to keeping my overheads low and for lack of space on Savile Row. Over the years, I have found it increasingly difficult to find a suitable space for my client and tailors as the majority of bespoke tailors on Savile Row are not independently owned or are not true bespoke tailors. So, space to share with classically trained craftsmen is scarce. The rent prices in Savile Row are not viable for independent tailors either, hence the appearance of made to measure suits, ready made suits, accessories and wardrobe sundries that now appear in every type of tailors on Savile Row to help draw in revenue.

Refuse to dilute.

In a bid to keep my bespoke tailoring in its purest form, I refuse to dilute my hard earned and learned skills in bespoke tailoring, by selling made to measure and ready to wear suits, just so I can pay extortionate rents on Savile Row. The fact is that, just because I do not have a Savile Row address now, does not mean that my apprenticeship on Savile Row with Anderson and Sheppard is null and void. But you also have to remember, that even if you do have a Savile Row address, it doesn’t make you a true Savile Row tailor. It is only your training as an apprentice that does.

Our house.

For the first time in 20 years I am happy to say that the basement of 58 Chiltern street is mine. I have the opportunity to create a bespoke space for my clients, for them to see and feel my house cut. I am proud to say that I have a small workroom on site, where I can work with my coat makers, exchange ideas and create fantastic bespoke garments without any compromise.

High standards.

Every suit that is commissioned, I cut and fit. Which, enables me to keep my quality of craftsmanship to the highest level. I truly believe I am making the best soft draped bespoke tailored suit in the world. This is achievable by selecting the best coat makers and trouser makers. I inspect and test their work myself. Working closely with my tailors is the only way to achieve the highest quality of sewing. We are a team and work together, not against each other.


There are a limited number of  Steven Hitchcock Bespoke suits  made a year, 150 to be precise.

I make a full draped chest, not a flat chest when making up the canvas.

To construct a very soft shoulder.

Cut a very high arm hole.

I like to cut with shape through the waist.

To cut and make for comfort and style.

Last word.

I have developed the soft tailored style unique to me over the last 30 years of working in this wonderful trade and will continue to do so without compromise.

Kindest regards, Steven Hitchcock.

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