Sporting in good taste…..

While playing a sport, most sports men and women wear ultra modern clothes. These clothes being made of advanced materials, cuts and construction techniques. All of which are worn very closely or plain old skin tight!! This for the ‘bored spectator’ can be advantage! However, for the keen spectator the thrill of the game being played is
enough. At what point did ‘dressing down’ become the norm? Sportsmen and women are now credited for their skill only, and not their sense of style while playing their chosen pursuit! We all like a good game, but sometimes a bit of personal style thrown in is rather pleasant!

Mary King, a successful eventing rider is fond of the colour green. It is her lucky colour, and she is not afraid to splash it where she can when she is competing. Green can be seen on her hat silks and body protector in the cross-country. A green suede seat on her saddle in the dressage and show jumping, can just been seen as she leans to jump or when bowing to the judges. This is her style and superstation within the strict equestrian attire rules, but it works for her.




Rene Lacoste was a ‘snappy’ (sorry for the pun!) dresser on the tennis court. His wide white flannels with turn ups and the buttoned up white shirt were his trade mark. Lacoste even wore a soft cap while in competition! His simple and constant style earned him his own label.




Then there is the sports man or woman who is simply stylish in their approach as to how they want to look while practising their favourite sport, in or out of competition. Style first, safety second.



So, when you are being a spectator to sport, drift away from the game awhile and see if any of the players have their own unique style. When you are playing your favourite sport, see if you can inject some old school style into your game.

Toodle pip! Celia.

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