Some things go so quickly…………

…and that is how my trips to New York feel. I am now back in sunny Savile Row and it seems only the blink of an eye since I was boarding my flight at Heathrow. Cases are now being opened, cloth ordered and patterns at the ready. One of my favourite and long standing clients kindly took the time to give myself and another of his tailors a whirlwind tour of the New York social scene, and I must say that it was very very social! I had a great selection of cloths for my clients to choose from including some from Dashing Tweeds, and as the name suggests, they are quite striking. I have been commissioned to make a 2 piece double breasted suit using the McDougall 2 which is shown below. I think it will set New York alight, and if I get permission from the client, I will show it on the blog in all it’s glory when it is finished. Rose Callahan also dropped by and took a photograph of me on the balcony at the Benjamin Hotel which shows a great view down to the river.

London is now begining to gear itself up for a very busy time starting with the Jubilee weekend at the end of the week.




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