The Savile Row Tailor in New York……..

We are here in New York, the weather we were told was like a late summer. However, we awoke to a cool misty morning. This has created a dull light and sent us into a mild panic about not having enough light to fit by and for customers to look at cloth. Our suite balcony will be in heavy use today and we have more lamps than usual!

We started the morning with a breakfast with lovely friends, catching up on the news in London and New York. It was a lovely way to start our trip!

Sunday is our busiest day, and by lunch we have already had several fittings and orders for new suits. The Caccioppoli bunches have caused quite an interest, and there have been plenty of ideas bounced around as to what cloth would look good in which style.

Steven with his order book.
Steven with his order book.

We have a full day ahead, with a filmed interview to round off our Sunday. The interview is for a project in progress, that will come out next year. So watch this space!

Toodle pip! Celia.

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