Steven Hitchcock introduces The Rake to his Savile Row Style.

This week in The Row, I met with Aleks Cvetkovic, Online Editor at The Rake, to show him my Savile Row Style.

It was going to be a challenge to get Aleks to step into the unknown waters of Soft Tailoring as he describes himself  as “deeply stubborn so-and-so and a misanthropic creature of habit” and is beginning this journey as a “soft-tailoring skeptic”. I took the challenge head on.

The cloth Aleks chose was the Huddersfield Fine Worsted ‘West of England Flannels’, this is a great collection of 14.5oz woollen flannels, two-tone blue and navy design on a warm mid-grep ground. Wonderful.

“The result of all this uncompromising work is stunning; richly shaped, lightweight and natural on the body. Although it doesn’t look it, is on the shorter side for an English tailor – but it can afford to be thanks to Steven’s immaculate check measuring and matching, which elongates the silhouette just so. “


“The suit is wearing-in beautifully, and unlike a structured coat, the pristine lines and sharp edges of which can start to weather a little over time, Steven’s work is purpose-built to improve with age.”


“It is a given then, that this article is to be concluded with a heartfelt recommendation that readers visit Steven for a superbly comfortable and form-fitting suit, beautifully cut and tailored – and let’s not forget that I began this experience as a soft-tailoring skeptic.”

I think that I may have persuaded Aleks to my Savile Row Style of Soft Tailoring.

‘It was refreshing to work with Steven on a suit that I consider to be no less sexy than the smouldering creations of Edward Sexton or Joe Morgan.It’s a look that simply oozes nonchalance.’

It was a pleasure to have made this bespoke suit for you. Thank you for your kind words and I have no doubt I shall spot you down Savile Row soon.

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