A ripping time in New York……

We are now in New York, to see our American clients. We have had a few appointments, with Sunday always being our busiest day. We met quite a few new faces that have already experienced the soft drape cut elsewhere,  but are now looking for new vigour in their bespoke suits. It has been a pleasure to meet so many people who have enjoyed my father’s tailoring and to wish him so well in his retirement.

Through meeting all the new clients, I still have the loyal clients fittings to do! I like to fit my clients and as soon as I can, I rip down their fittings and re-mark them. This is so the new measures and configurations are fresh in my mind and not forgotten by the time I get back to London. jet lag can cause havoc with memory!

Here are a few photos of me working on a baste and re-marking what needs to be done when I get home.

ripping down a fitting 7ripping down a fitting 3

ripping down a fitting 6

ripping down a fitting 2

ripping down a fitting 4

ripping down a fitting 5 ripping down a fitting 8


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