P.R. Rubbish

One of my work colleagues showed me a article today from the Times News Paper. The paper talked about a (bespoke) Asian tailor a  "Mr Raji Daswani", who’s suits are made in China. I was horrified to see that Mr Daswani was quoted as saying  "In Savile Row you pay maybe £3,000 for a suit and many of the tailors are so old they can’t even stitch properly" What is he talking about I am 32 years of age and I have two coat makers also in there 30’s, we can all see and stitch very well thanks.  In the article it says thats Mr Daswani suits start from as little as £179.00. Mr Cook a Director at tailors Denman And Goddard Ltd. One of the oldest tailoring firms in Savile Row, would like to know if Mr Daswani can make a Savile Row suit for £179.oo, can he also sell him a Rolls Royce for the price of a Lada. There are a lot of so called Savile Row tailors selling suits that have nothing to do with Savile Row, be careful out there once again, when choosing your tailor.

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