Plus 2's in the city…….

Steven has taken a photo of me in my Plus 2’s. Plus’ are normally reserved for the country and its pursuits. However, I have had a pair made for wearing in the city. The cloth is a Holland and Sherry silk, linen and wool mix. In a cream 3/8 herringbone. The garter on the plus’ is made of a W.Bill golden colour linen. This was done so it would match up with the under sleeves on my coat. The collar on my coat is an 1″ 1/4 standing collar which is made from embroidered silk that I salvaged from a vintage dressing gown. The motifs are flowers and birds.

To understand what’ plus’ means,  it means that when when you are placing your order with the tailor the plus 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc… denotes how long you want your ‘short’ trouser. So, mine are Plus 2’s which means that they drop 2 inches below my knee point. Normally the longer you go, the looser the leg gets. So I kept mine short and narrow, to keep them looking modern and city bound.

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