Two of my favourite New York clients who I have seen this trip………………………………..

Img_0473First, Mr Edward Hayes, New York’s top lawyer. Who very kindly mentions me as one of his Savile Row tailors in his new book, Mouthpiece. I actually made his blue chalk stripe suit that he is wearing on the front cover. Mr Hayes has been a great help to me over the years that I have known him, with his kind recommendations.


Secondly, Mr Paul Hanly, who in my mind is one of the best dressed men in New York. He very kindly let me take this picture of him in his latest suit that I had made, to post on my blog. I believe that you can not tell what a suit looks like on a coat hanger, you have to judge it on the body. Mr Hanly always wears great shirts, ties, pocket handkerchief’s and shoes, the whole combination is just stunning.

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