My New Suit Being made

Above is a length of cloth that I was very grateful to receive as a kind present from Mr Alberto Oioli, who works with the cloth company Loro Piana. I will have it made up into a double breasted jacket and trousers and thought that it might be a good idea to show the different stages of its production, from the cloth being cut, to me wearing the finished suit on my blog. This may take four or five weeks to complete, so keep returning to my site to see its progress.

My style of cutting and tailoring is of the softer approach. I prefer my coat to drape from the shoulders and then have a little nip in the waist, not to be padded up from the inside out.  The shoulders and sleeves are still sewn by hand to create fullness and shape, as they were a hundred years ago. This in turn creates comfort and with the higher arm hole I cut will give you more control over the jacket, you will find that the Jacket will not ride up, and the collar will stay glued to your neck. Having the higher arm holes will also give you a whole new look, a fuller chest, no sharp angles and it’s a lot easier to move round in. You’ll find that the suit will feel lighter and easier to wear. (not armour plated)

This is achieved by the cutting and the tailoring. I cut by eye no block patterns or block coats, the tailoring has more hand work, less stiffer in the chest, and no big shoulder pads. The coat still holds as much shape as you wish. (These are the basics); I will be taking pictures and displaying them on my blog soon, for you to look through.

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