Maximilian Mogg in Mayfair

“Steven Hitchcock is one of the great tailors of London: his concept is the perfect compromise between shape and comfort. The famous fashion journalist Mr. G. Bruce Boyer calls him a master of the art.'”

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Maximilian Mogg from Germany, who is the Creative Director and Chief Editor at

Maximilian’s philosophy for every fashionable investment is, “My children should bear it, my grandchildren can admire it.”

Maximilian philosophy is reflected in his style which is historically influenced, widely diversified and has the highest quality and timeless elegance.

We  discussed the benefits and tradition of my soft tailoring technique and the importance of having experienced Savile Row Tailors crafting your bespoke suit.

 “Steven devotes himself to the work from the point of view on himself is what the customers love – besides his humor.” MM

Thanks for coming by Maxmilian and hope to see you in Mayfair soon!

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