Looking forward to spring…….

Yes, I know it is a bit too early for spring! However, I am trying my best to ignore the rain and grey light. Instead I am keeping my eyes peeled for early blossom, green leaves and the warm yellow tones of the daffodil!

So, the inspiration for our shop window………FLOWERS! The blue and brown sports coat is one of Steven’s very own. It is made from the W. Bill Classic Shetland Collection. It is a beautiful shade of ‘clear skies’ light blue. Due to the nature of Shetland wool, it has a soft fluffy feel, combined with a loose hopsack weave. This makes for a soft drape, feels light in weight – even though it is 12/13 ozs, meaning it has the warmth for a cold day.

Here’s to looking forward to spring, and the colours that it brings!

Toodle pip! Celia.

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