Look after your shears and they will look after you………….

I have several pairs of cutting shears that I need to keep sharpe. The shears that I use for cutting the garment from the cloth, are 12inch’s long, then I have three pair’s of tailoring shears which are 6 – 8 inch’s in length. The tailoring shears are shorter too make them easier to get in to tight corners and to handle better whilst usually seated on your board.(table top.)

Greasing_shears_on_my_hair_whats_left_3 I try not to have my shears sharpened too often. If they were to be sharpened too many times, you would end up with very narrow blades, and eventually sharpen the blades away. As I use them every day to cut along a chalked out line, I need to look after them. Before and during cutting out the cloth I run my shears across the back of my head, the grease from my hair is just the right amount to lubricate my heavy shears. ( Not sure what I will use in a few year’s time.)

Needle_in_shears_2 A little tip to put an edge on your shears, is to run a steel needle from the tip to the pivot keeping the blades closed.

Secondly alway keep your shears clean of dirt and cloth fibres.

Thirdly I have sewn a piece of velvet cloth in to the handle of my shears, to protect my fingers and thumb whist cutting thick heavy fabrics day after day.

Lastly never ever drop your shears.

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