The London College of Fashion…….


This week we were invited to the London College of Fashion’s Industrial Advisory Panel meeting. We were representatives of the bespoke industry! LCF invited us to the meeting to discuss theirs and our view points of the Foundation Degree in Tailoring. They wanted to know if they were providing the right training for future tailors.

LCF has the best reputation in fashion, and I studied there for 3 years before I became a tailor. So, the welfare of the college is important to me and for the future students to gain as much knowledge and skill.

They told us that the tailoring course is a roaring success and always have a full application of students wanting to attend. They also have a high success rate of students graduating and finding jobs within tailoring and fashion. However, LCF are conscious to maintain that success by evaluating their courses and the needs of the students and future employers/industry.

We were pleased to hear the skills that the students were learning, and to also give the teachers advice on what is relevant to know/learn in bespoke tailoring. We also discussed how we could benefit the students directly, and came up with perhaps visiting the students in their work room to see what projects they are working on, and to give advice on their work. So, for the bespoke students reading this, Steven Hitchcock will be stopping by to see your tailoring!!!

For all of you who are looking to study or are curious to see what LCF has to offer,

Toodle Pip! Celia.

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