Kidspiration TV come to Savile Row

Check out my latest video with Kidspiration introducing young Bradley to the craft of bespoke tailoring.

Kidspiration is an online channel, created and powered by kids. They visit and interview a variety of people from different industries and last month they contacted me to find out about bespoke tailoring.

I was delighted to welcome Bradley to the shop to talk about how I was trained by my Father John Hitchcock at Anderson and Sheppard, Savile Row.

Cheeky chap Bradley, spent a few hours in the shop looking through the different types of cloth, how to cut and understanding what a paper pattern is. He interviewed me on how to get into the bespoke tailoring trade.

My 5 top tips on how to start a career in Bespoke tailoring are;

1, Persistence. The Savile Row community is small, so opportunities are few. However, if you persist in meeting tailors, asking for day experiences or shadow for the day with a cutter or tailor, will help with getting recognised and being taken seriously.

2, Patience. Bespoke tailoring is about repeating and honing a skill to create perfection. So patience is a key element. The tailors that are teaching you went through the same process, so they understand how you feel.

3, Willing. Apprenticeships are often low paid or even no pay. Be honest with this fact and willing to live your life according to how you are paid.

4, Friends. Make friends in the bespoke tailoring community. Most jobs, referrals and interactions are by word of mouth in the trade.

5, History. Get a good knowledge of clothing history, types of dress wear, types of cloth and construction technique. This knowledge will bolster your cutting and making skills, as well as impress the customer!

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