John Hitchcock retiring……..

Above photo: John Hitchcock aged 16 at Anderson and Sheppard.

As some of you may already know, my father John Hitchcock will be retiring in August 2014 from Anderson and Sheppard. John has been a tailor since the age of 16 and has always worked for Anderson and Sheppard. John Hitchcock has become world renowned in the tailoring trade, for his elegance, fine cutting and knowledge of bespoke.

John is one of the last ‘thoroughbred’s’ to leave Anderson and Sheppard. The phrase ‘thoroughbred’ was coined by his head cutter, Mr Bryant, who said that he only wanted tailors who had worked an apprenticeship at A&S, making the clothes that they went on to cut. My father John Hitchcock, completed his apprenticeship, then was invited to the cutting room. The head cutter Mr Bryant found his thoroughbred and trained him to be the best.

I am proud of my fathers heritage at Anderson and Sheppard, and I am proud to have completed my apprenticeship and to have learnt cutting at Anderson and Sheppard with my father.

There is plenty more to tell about my fathers career at Anderson and Sheppard, how he worked up through the ranks and how he inspired me to become a Savile Row tailor too. Watch out for a new page on my website in August 2014.

Steven Hitchcock

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