I don't make Jackets for Dummies………..

…But unfortunately this is the only way I can photograph them for the blog, and I am certainly no expert at photography.  I am very fortunate that a very good client recently sent me pictures of him wearing a suit that I made for him and before discussing the suit I just thought I would show the difference between a jacket on a dummy and the same one on the client that it was made for. Below are the 2 pictures:-

 D.B. Grey Flannel 
Double breasted grey flannel

I am particularly pleased how the soft shoulders are shown when the client is wearing the jacket as it is very difficult to show this when it is on a dummy. The cut and the style are very well shown off on the client. On the dummy both buttons are done up but on the clients picture it shows the waist button undone which shows off my soft fronts. I believe that double breasted jackets are for more formal occasions and this client carries off the look perfectly. He spotted one of my suits made from this flannel being worn in a recent publication of the Rake by the Editor, Christian Barker. I must say that a number of people requested this after the publication. I think that I must be the biggest customer of Hunt & Winterbottom 0300!! 

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