I am so Happy Because………….

I have a new pair of shoes, or because I am sandwiched by 2 beauties?

…..And the answer is both. The setting for such fun was the Bespoke Tailor’s Benevolent Association, which was held at The Merchant Tailors Hall in the City of London.  It was a fantastic turn out, and a first time showing for my new Dinner Suit, which looked great as it was draped around the 2 lovelies!! The guest speaker was A A Gill, who is famed for his sharp tongue, and I think it must have been specially sharpened for the ocassion.  It was one of those speeches when you desperately try to avoid eye contact and although he was wearing a soft tailored jacket, I still kept my head down. I think Huntsman may have regretted putting their heads above the parapit when he told all present that they should pat themselves on the back, or if you are in a Huntsman Suit, get someone else to do it for you. He then did an impression of a man in a straight jacket trying to reach over his shoulder. The evening then moved on to table hopping and catching up with friends and colleauges, and once the wine had flowed, the charity auction started. You can probably guess how I ended up with an extra pair of shoes. Anda Rowland was the appeal chairman, and I must say that it was one of the best evenings I have had at this event, and she deserves so much credit for this.  Carriages were at midnight, and having seen a number of people clambering into taxis, I can confirm that ‘Soft Tailoring is for comfort and style and also for continuing to look good as you get into the back of a taxi!!

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