Hitchcock in New York………

I write this post from my hotel suite in New York, as we are half way through this fall trip. My girlfriend Celia and I have been keep very busy as usual here in New York. Celia hand made 12 scarves before we left and is very pleased to have sold 9 of them so far. I will have to get her working on some new designs when she returns home. I, as always am enjoying my time in New York. The new bunches from Holland and Sherry are causing a lot of interest, and I know I will be seeing a few of them made up into sports jackets. I have also been set the challenge by one of my more adventurous customers to find some crazy and unique linings for his jackets. I’m looking forward to finding them! We are still here till wednesday 6th till 2pm. So if anyone else would like to arrange an appointment, feel free to contact me.


Steven Hitchcock New York

 Steven Hitchcock in Hotel suite

On balcony


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