Hello old friend…..

We are here New York! Did you miss us? We missed you! We landed yesterday evening and the airport was deserted! There is a first for every thing. As we were driven in to Manhattan, the sun was shinning and the thrill of seeing the iconic skyline didn’t fail us.

While we were on the plane a very nice man called Elmo was sat next to us. As we chatted he told us he was an artist and flying out to NY to appear at his own exhibition. www.waltonfinearts.com/elmo-hood/   It seemed we had a few things in common, he finds it hard to buy a suit that fits, due to his basket-ballers build and my shoe cobbler is a similar type of artist! So, we hope to pop down town to his exhibition this week and perhaps snap up a piece of his work.

So, Sunday is a busy day for us today. We got up early and walked uptown to find a delicious breakfast…..American style! As we walked up the quiet early morning avenue, we discussed what fittings we have to do today, guessing which fitting will go smoothly and which ones we might find awkward. Usually, our fretting is not really needed!

Toodle pip! Celia.

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