The Emerald Isle, more than one colour……..

I have always been fascinated with colour, the vast varieties, the relationships between each one, the use of colour and how each of us see it differently or the same. Artificial colours created by man from chemicals and natural colours created by the land are all interesting. Colour can irritate and soothe the retina.

My favourite source of colour is from nature. To look out at the vista and see natures colours rubbing shoulders and harmonising. The lush and weather beaten colours of Ireland are always present in Irish tweed. Such tweed, is the unique tweed of Donegal. The most delightful thing about Donegal tweed is the little globs of brilliant colour set against the earthy colours that are the body of the tweed. The company Molloy and sons, are an independent company handed down through the generations.

As you can see in the photos above, the natural colours that are in the Donegal landscape which inspire Molloy and sons to create such naturally beautiful tweeds.


Toodle pip! Celia.



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