Elegance in an age of crisis………

Last night we went to the FIT museum on 7th Avenue and 27th street. We saw the, Elegance in an age of crisis: fashions of the 1930’s. The exhibition was a mix of ladies haute couture and men’s bespoke tailoring. The clothes were immaculately dressed and were beautiful examples of innovative and traditional craftsmanship.,  http://www.fitnyc.edu/21912.asp

For the exhibition, Steven was interviewed by Andrew Yamoto. Steven was asked to explain his style of cutting and what it takes to create a soft draped suit. There is a video of this interview in the exhibition and in the lobby of the museum, so Steven’s distinctive London accent can be heard as you covert all the garments in the exhibition!

Steven lent the museum a 3 piece suit for the exhibition. The suit is from 1935 and belonged to Per Anderson from Anderson and Sheppard. It is a very heavy weight tweed that, from a distance looks khaki. But, up close it is intricately woven with oranges, greens and browns. The trousers are actually plus 6’s, so long and loose over the thighs and knees.


Steven Hitchcock loan to Fashion institute of technology.If you are in NY, take the time to see the exhibition, it is free and full of clothing inspiration! www.fitnyc.edu/museum

Toodle pip! Celia.

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