Don’t just dress the turkey this Christmas……..

December is coming around the corner…….. A couple more days and the mild jittering about attending Christmas parties, socialising with strangers and flirting with that ‘certain’ someone you have been glancing at all year, will be upon you. Perhaps, now is the time to commit your self to organising what you will be wearing to these more than likely booze fuelled parties!

I think the key element is to establish what sort of party you will be attending. Black tie?…..So wear black tie. No, I don’t mean just wear a black tie! You should wear a black or midnight blue dinner suit with silk satin or grosgrain lapels, with corresponding silk braid down the leg of the trousers. A whiter than white Marcella or pleated shirt with a black bow tie. Black pumps, lace up patent shoes or for the cad amongst you, black suede slip-ons. Remember cufflinks, shirt studs, and a beautiful white silk pocket hankie. To complement a dinner suit, a clean shaved face, short neat nails, ( yes, they will be noticed as hopefully you will be holding a good glass of champagne! ) swept hair and a dash of aftershave!

Office party?……It is a party, and so fun should be had. If you find yourself wearing a suit to work, and want to go from work to work party in a relatively easy way. Why not wear your best suit to work, paired with your usual shirt and tie combination. However, pack a second shirt. One with more colour or pattern than to one that you would usually wear to work. Leave the tie off, show a little neck. Perhaps pick a more adventurous silk hankie. Do not go too crazy on the pattern and colour, you don’t want to look too party try hard! ( It is the same equivalent as the girl who is wearing too much metallic eye shadow at the party. ) Or if you want to shed your office look completely, a sports coat and complimenting trousers, keeping the work shirt and shoes. If permitted, perhaps even a pair of dark blue jeans and a sports coat, again leave the tie off.

 Friend of a friends party or you’re a ‘plus one’……..Well, this calls for a mixture! It is likely to be a party where you will probably not know many people or any. So first impressions are essential to help with mingling. So if it is an informal party, groom like you are going to a black tie dinner but wear clothes that make you approachable. This is so you do justice to your invitee and to their friends who have probably heard about you, but have not met you yet. So, perfect grooming is the foundation, the casual but still smart attire is the brickwork and then your demeanour is the house warming. ( I cant help you with that! )

Good luck with your choices, and have some fun…………..but not too much fun. Your clothes will not thank you!

Toodle pip! Celia.

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