Dandy is the word……

Finally! The book is here! Our talented photographer friend Rose Callahan has now got her beautiful photos in print for all of you to see! http://dandyportraits.blogspot.co.uk/

All I can suggest is that you order the book and be wowed, inspired, shocked and delighted! http://www.amazon.co.uk/Dandy-The-Return-Elegant-Gentleman/dp/3899554841/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1376915658&sr=8-1&keywords=i+am+dandy+the+return+of+the+elegant+gentleman

So, once Rose’s blog and book has whetted your appetites, perhaps be daring and look in Holland and Sherry’s new cloth bunch called Dandy. http://www.hollandandsherry.co.uk/

Above is a little taster of the bunch.

The Dandy bunch has been classed as a jacketing, however it is a 13oz  and is dense enough to be worn as trousers. It is more of a winter cloth due to its weight and that it has a soft crushed finish, much like a flannel. There is a beautiful range of hues in plain and checks. Ideal for mixing up jackets and trousers, or adding a surprising waistcoat.

Enjoy the book I am Dandy and the day dreams that will follow.

Toodle pip! Celia.


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