Copenhagen bespoke tailor master class………

Photo above: Steven Hitchcock measuring Butler to cut a pattern in the cutting master class. Photo by; Journal of style.

As you would know by following my web-blog, Celia and I visited Copenhagen a couple of weeks ago for the first time. We where invited there by our friend Karina who owns and runs a tailors in the city. Karina was very kind to show us around her beautiful city, first by boat and then by foot. We both really loved our time in Copenhagen and look forward to returning some time soon.

Our friend, client and internet sensation Butler, was a delight to spend time with.Butler very kindly chauffeured us all over Denmark in his car ‘Mr Cooper’ (a very sporty mini). Celia enjoyed the drive so much she is head strong on buying one, thanks Butler. I digress…. We where in Copenhagen at the Royal Theatre to give as described by Karina as a Master Class into the way I like to cut my bespoke coats, which I had shown briefly to her when she visited London the year before. The method I Iike to use is unlike the more common approach of striking around a block pattern and adjusting length and alike. I like to draft from scratch a method known as ‘Rock of Eye’! I have been mastering this for 25 years now, I believe the coat will be individually stylish and much more comfortable to wear, this is in-conjunction with the light canvas which is cut on the bias that I also champion. I draft in the exact posture I see in front of me, crookening or strightening the coat to suit the clients preference. I prefer a straight coat as this pushes the coat back which creates drape for comfort and style.


Having Dinner with Butler in Tivoli, Denmark.


Karina also organised an evening of Whiskey and cocktails in a tucked away stylish bar called Lidkoeb. The evening was very balmy and all admirers of bespoke tailoring were dressed in their finest!  Blogger Torsten Grunwald attended the master class, as well as the whiskey evening. Please see his blog to see more photos and to read about his experience about seeing how I cut.

Find more photos on my instagram account @stevenhitchcockbespoke

Myself and Celia would be very happy to take the ‘Master Class’ any where in the world if there is demand, by like minded people and maybe a client or two along the way. Please don’t be afraid to contact us if your interested.

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