Contrasting waistcoat…..

The three piece suit or also known as the Lounge suit, is still thriving today. It is not as popular as its brother, the two piece suit. However, there is a certain formal smartness that comes with wearing a lounge suit. A waistcoat can act as another layer of warmth, texture, colour and style. A lot of lounge suits are made with waistcoats made of the same cloth as the coat and trousers. But, if you have been doing your fashion history home work, you will know that back in the ‘old days’ men would wear contrasting silk waistcoats. ( If they could afford silk. ) Think of Dickensian times when frock coats, high stiff collars and embroidered silk waistcoats were the ‘right’ thing to wear. Ok, nowadays you might get frowned upon if you waltz around with an exquisite silk waist coat. However, to perk up your two piece suit, you could add a contrasting waistcoat. Nothing too fancy or flash….something subtle and complimentary to your suit cloth. For example, you might have a navy pin stripe or chalk stripe suit, so why not have a plain navy waistcoat made, to wear with that suit? Or a plain navy suit with a light tan or buff colour waistcoat to peep out underneath? Have a single breasted suit? Pair it with a double breasted waistcoat. Or, have a fantastic tweed two piece, liven it with a velvet waistcoat.

 Steven Hitchcock bespoke contrasting waist coat.


The option to spruce up a two piece suit with the endless options of cloth for waistcoats, is well…..endless! So liven up your wardrobe and double the amount of outfits with a cheerful waistcoat!

Toodle pip! Celia.

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