Clearing my cutting before my U.S.A. trip

Steven_hitchcock_5Here I am cutting away as hard as I can to clear my pile of cutting before my travels. I hope to put every thing in hand with the tailors to keep them busy while I am away.

I also hope that on my return from the U.S.A. the shop will  be back to its best. (after the flood) We are still waiting for the carpet to go down and the wooded floor in the shop to be sanded and polished. This has taken much longer than the two weeks first quoted by the builders, in fact it is now over four months. If it took me this long to make a suit I think I would give up. Saying that, when the shop is completed it will look great.

If the builders in the shop are any thing to go by I am not sure if London will be ready for the Olympics 2012. We will just have to put it back a year or so!

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