Bespoke tailoring at the Sofitel hotel……

This week has been rather exciting! We have installed two mannequins in the Sofitel St. James’ hotel, in Waterloo Place, London.

We approached the new General Manager, Nicolas Pesty, about displaying some of our bespoke Savile Row suits in the elegant lobby. Fortunately for us, Mr. Pesty has a creative eye and a passion for beautifully hand crafted goods!

We are delighted with all the enthusiasm that has helped to produce the displays. W. Bill has kindly lent us a length of the Scottish tweed to show the cloth in its un-cut form, to show off the cutting and tailoring skills of Steven Hitchcock.

There is also a grey chalk stripe suit in the lobby, the cloth is H. lesser and sons. Rather classic, and harking back to the days of when the building used to be a bank.

I will be changing the displays once a month, so if you are staying at the Sofitel St. James’ or looking for an excellent cocktail, be sure to have a good look at the suits!

Toodle Pip! Celia.

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