Bespoke bow ties………

I have sent one of Steven’s old friends on holiday to Australia. It will be a holiday of renewal, improvement and some might say, a bit of surgery! Of course, I am not talking about a human! Crikey! What sort of woman do you think I am?? I have sent one of Steven’s old, worn many times, and well loved ties to Le Noeud Papillion, WHY? Because the clever and talented Nicholas Atgemis is now offering a service where he will take your beloved ties and turn them into bowties! Almost like the caterpillar into a butterfly…..hhmmmm, I wonder how he got inspired for this inventive service!So here is the lucky tie that is currently winging its way to Oz.Steven Hitchcock tieAs you can see by the label, it is a Steven Hitchcock Classic! The label on the back of the tie is from when Steven moved to New Burlington Street from Savile Row in 2003.Steven Hitchcock tieI carefully wrapped the tie in Liberty Print cloth and binding, to send Nicholas a little piece of London to inspire him while he is sewing! steven hitchcock in the postSo to finish off the parcel, I made my own envelope out of pattern paper and then trotted down to the post office to wave my hankie as it embarks on its voyage of new beginnings! In the meantime, if you have any bowtie related questions or also have a beloved tie that you think would look good as a bowtie contact Nicholas,

When the tie returns as a bowtie, I will reveal the results! So, fingers crossed!

Toodlepip! Celia

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