A different type of fitting….

Yesterday, Steven had his first fitting for his new pair of shoes from Foster and Son in Jermyn Street. http://foster.co.uk/

Here is the first look at the shoe, which is being beautifully made by hand.

The shoe is made of black calf leather, with an intricate pattern punched into the toe and around the uppers. The shoe has dummy laces and elastic sides. It is an unusual style, but Steven has been wearing this type of shoe for years. He first saw this style worn by a customer at Anderson and Sheppard, and fell in love with the style.

Here, John is carefully looking at the shoes, to see how Steven stands and how the shoes fit his feet. Just seen in the background is Emma, she is the lady who makes the paper patterns from the wooden lasts John carves. There is great teamwork and undiluted skill in the craftsmen and women at Fosters and Son. Their work room is above the shop and all the lasts, patterns and leathers are stored there too. It is truly wonderful to see these shoes being made. The people, the skill and the passion are unique, as bespoke should be!

Toodle pip!

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