Harrison's of Edinburgh 150 anniversary tweed.

The most exciting tweeds of the year, or of 150 years is the Harrison’s of Edinburgh anniversary tweeds. http://www.harrisonsofedinburgh.com/

To celebrate Harrison’s 150 years of production, they have produced 10 exquisite British tweeds. The beauty of the tweeds, is that they have been made using all British wool. The wool has been carefully selected from 5 different British breeds of sheep. All with their own unique properties to enhance the texture and quality of the anniversary tweeds.

The tweeds are an easy 14 ozs, with colours of high clarity and were inspired from Harrison’s original cloth pattern books. The tweeds have a soft drape, but still have the bounce and slight raffish feel of classic tweed.

 My favourite from the collection, is the brown herringbone with the double green window pane check. An elegant shooting suit with plus 4’s and a moleskin waistcoat in pea green, would look marvelous!!

 The grey tweed with the creamy flecks of colour, would look great as a two button sports coat. Perfect for spring. It would look great with mustard corduroys or cream twill trousers.

All these tweeds are all versatile, due to their colours and manageable texture. If you can not find an occasion to wear one of these tweeds, then you need to find an occasion!


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