• Experienced

    I have been in the Savile Row bespoke tailoring trade for over 25 years, creating the very finest, comfortable and stylish bespoke tailored suits. I served a full classical apprenticeship at Anderson and Sheppard where I was comprehensibly taught the soft tailoring style by my father, John Hitchcock. Working for myself I have had the pleasure of making a number of garments for H.R.H. The Prince of Wales.

  • The Hitchcock Way

    As one of the last genuine independent Savile Row tailors, I still personally measure all of my clients, cut the paper patterns and suits myself in the traditional way. My soft tailoring creates soft shoulders, high armholes, unrivalled comfort and a unique stylish look for every individual client. As I am very hands on with my business and only have 24 hours in a day I limit my commissions to 150 suits per year. This also keeps the quality of my suits to one that I am very proud of.

  • Bespoke Tailoring

    All of my craftsman are the very finest Savile Row Artisan's you will find and have to meet my exacting standards. I am very proud to say that we stand and fall on our beautiful bespoke suits and do not sell any ready to wear or off the peg suits, shoes or shirts, just the very best handmade bespoke suits. All of my bespoke suits are hand cut by myself and hand made here in London, England. They are made in the true Savile Row bespoke tradition, with over 50 hours of hand work in every suit.

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Shirts and ties can be a bit of a mine field. It is easy to get the combination right and it is easy to get it wrong. My absolute rule for shirts, is never wear a check. This is my own personal taste, I just cannot stand checked shirts. Plain shirts, essential. Self weave shirts, a blessing. Striped shirts, divine. Checked / plaid shirts, HELL NO. I cannot explain why I have this aversion, but I have never seen a checked shirt that looked good with a suit. Also, one of my many terrible character traits, is that when I decide I do not like something.....it is set in stone.....no going back.....you have been warned! So! In my previous post I rambled on about colour. In regards to the shirt and tie combo, to achieve a good partnership, 'conversation' needs... Read more

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