Sans Adieu…..

The Morning started with the decision of which fittings go in which trunk! Then came the careful packing. Turning the coats inside out and gently rolling them, as not to crease and bruise the canvases and cloth. This technique is also very good for when you are packing your own suits for your travels.

Turn inside out, then fold the coat in half. Making sure you place one shoulder in the other, so both sleeves are on one side.Then gently roll from collar to the bottom of the facing. DO NOT roll the coat tightly. Once it is rolled, place carefully in your case or bag. When you arrive at your destination, un-roll and hang. It may need a light press in places, but passing steam from an iron over the creased area should fix the problem.So, the clock is ticking and our date with JFK is looming. The packing is in full swing. The trip has been quite a success and we have enjoyed our time here. We are looking forward seeing London again and starting on the new orders!